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48 West 123rd Street

Savage, Minnesota

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Wow! Thai Food is an authentic scratch kitchen Thai restaurant located in the historic Savage Depot in Savage, Minnesota.  The proprietor and creative force behind Wow! Thai Food is Helen Andersen.  Helen, the former Kanyakol Hirankramol born in Pattani, Thailand, is a recent transplant to the United States where she moved with her husband, Minnesota native and 10-year Savage resident, Carl Andersen.

Helen hopes to share the variety of flavors and food experiences from her home country with guests in her small restaurant.  “Most Americans seem to think that all Thai food is very hot but that is really not correct.  Thai foods usually fall into three distinct flavor categories: salty, sour, and sweet.”  Chili peppers are not actually native to Thailand and were only introduced about 80 years ago.”

Part of the joy of Thai food is the interplay of these flavors.

About the “Spiciness” of Thai Food…

Helen likes to emphasize that the flavors of traditional Thai food come from herbs, spices, flowers, and other plants native to Thailand.  On the subject of “spiciness” (i.e. heat from chili peppers), Helen has designed all her recipes so that virtually any Minnesota guest can eat it without fear of it being too “hot.”  On the tables in the dining room and in takeout orders are a variety of dried peppers and pepper sauces for those guest liking their food hotter.

Often asked, “Why don’t you offer ‘Mild, medium, or hot’ selections like other Thai restaurants?”, Helen replies with several reasons:  First, it’s nearly impossible to find two cooks who agree on what “Mild” or “Hot” means and likewise, customer tastes vary widely as well.  Additionally, the amount of heat in the same kind of chili pepper varies greatly depending on the soil, season, or even rainfall in any give year.  Because of this, it’s impossible to achieve a consistent level of “hotness” with a recipe that includes, “Two chili peppers.”

Helen is committed to a consistent, high-quality experience for guests where the Pad Thai (or other dish) you enjoy today tastes the same as the one you had last week and the same as the one you’ll have next week.

For these reasons, Helen invites guests to season to personal taste.

Our dishes contain no MSG and no commercial sauces.  While we do use high-quality, ready made skins for the egg rolls and spring rolls, the rest of dishes are made from scratch.  Even the Thai Iced Tea is brewed by Helen, by hand, using the traditional cotton bag.

Come enjoy our scratch kitchen, MSG free classic Thai food!

Wow! Thai Food at the Savage Depot DELIVERS!

Delivery!  We are now able to deliver deliver our takeout menu to customers in Savage, Prior Lake, and Shakopee.

Order Food Delivery with DoorDash

We’re also now able to accept takeout orders online through DoorDash as well. Just click HERE.

The Historic Savage Depot

The Savage Depot is the original train Depot built for the town of Hamilton (Now known as Savage) in 1880.  It spent several decades at the Murphy’s Landing historical “park” in Shakopee before being moved back to Savage in 2006.  It now rests directly across Highway 13 from it’s original location.  Inside, there are many photos and artifacts commemorating the history of the City of Savage and its most famous resident, the horse “Dan Patch” who set the world record for the fastest time as a “Pacer” (harness racing) of  1:55 in the mile achieved at the Minnesota State Fair in 1906.

Sitting in the dining room (formerly the “Freight Room), if you allow yourself to forget that Highway 13 separates the station from the tracks, you can watch the trains go by and imagine…